Rectal Artesunate Tools & Training

WHO Guidelines for the Treatment of Malaria include the use of artesunate rectal capsules (ARC) for pre-referral intervention for severe malaria. As National Malaria Programmes across Africa begin to introduce (ARC) in their malaria management strategy, it is important that healthcare providers (mainly community health workers) posted in remote rural community settings, understand how to administer the product. These training materials were developed to illustrate, step-by-step, the correct use of ARC.

Health workers in Malawi and Senegal were interviewed to evaluate the ease of user understanding of these materials. Revised versions that incorporated lessons learned were tested daily in-situ over two weeks, to ensure that the final training materials meet the needs of health personnel who are often  the first point of contact in the healthcare system for patients with severe malaria. This project was carried out with collaboration from MMV, WHO Global Malaria Programme, Save the Children, IFRC, MSF and Malaria Consortium.

Read the full field testing reports for Senegal and Malawi.

We welcome feedback from local agencies, community health workers and other users on this tool kit. Please contact us with your comments

Artesunate Rectal Capsules user guide and job aid - English

User guide

Job aid (poster)

Artesunate Rectal Capsules user guide and job aid - French

Guide d'utilisation

Aide-mémoire (poster)

Artesunate Rectal Capsules user guide and job aid - Portuguese

Guia do usuário

Norma de utilização (cartaz/póster)

WHO Information note

Rectal artesunate for pre-referral treatment for severe malaria  

Traitement de pré transfert du paludisme grave avec de l’artésunate par voie rectale

WHO training manual

IMCI Chart Booklet

Integrated Management of Childhood Illness: distance learning course

Traitement pré-transfert par l’artésunate rectal dans le paludisme infantile : manuel de formation pour les agents de santé communautaire 

iCCM resources

Manual for the community health worker

Facilitator notes

Chart booklet for the community health worker

Planning handbook for programme managers and planners