Central African Republic

Severe malaria facts

  • Malaria: #1 killer in CAR and the leading cause of death in children <5 years
  • MSF 2015: 585,100 patients treated for malaria
  • 2015: 50% - 60% of inpatient cases were diagnosed as malaria
    • Over 50,000 new cases from 2016 to 2017
    • Over 50% of estimated deaths are children under 5 years of age
    • Severe malaria accounts for an estimated 10% of all malaria cases

In-patient malaria cases and deaths

Photo: World Malaria Report 2018

Malaria distribution

Photo: World Malaria Report CAR country profile 2018

Severe malaria policy and practice

National Treatment Guidelines
Recommendation Treatment
Strong Injectable artesunate (IV)
Alternative Injectable artemether
Alternative Injectable quinine
Recommendation Pre-Referral
Alternative Intramuscular artesunate
Alternative Intramuscular quinine
Alternative Rectal artesunate
Alternative Rectal quinine