High frequency of PfCRT 76T in two Malian villages and its prevalence in severe relative to non-severe malaria.

01 Jul 2011
Wélé M, Djimdé AA, Guindo A, Beavogui AH, Traoré IZ, Sadou A, Blaise D, Diallo DA, Wellems TE, Doumbo OK

We investigated PfCRT 76T mutation in severe and non-severe malaria in Southern Mali. One hundred and ninety three severe malaria cases were each matched against two non-severe malaria cases. Patients with G6PD deficiency and any known hemoglobin abnormality were excluded. PfCRT 76T was present in 60.8% (n=386) non-severe malaria cases and in 77.2% (n=193) severe malaria cases (p<0.0001). In children 5 years or younger, these proportions were 62.9% (n=294) vs. 73.5% (n=147), respectively (p<0.01). PfCRT 76T was therefore associated with malaria severity in this setting of Mali.