An operational comparative study of quinine and artesunate for the treatment of severe malaria in hospitals and health centres in the Democratic Republic of Congo: the MATIAS study

30 May 2015
Giovanfrancesco Ferrari, Henry M. Ntuku, Christian Burri, Antoinette K. Tshefu, Stephan Duparc, Pierre Hugo, Didier K. Mitembo, Amanda Ross, Philippe L. Ngwala, Joseph N. Luwawu, Papa N. Musafiri, Symphorien E. Ngoie and Christian Lengeler

Study to inform the scaling up of injectable artesunate nationwide by identifying constraints and challenges in the DRC’s specific setting. Conclusions: This study demonstrates that injectable artesunate in the DRC is easier to use and it costs less than injectable quinine. These findings provide the basis for practical recommendations for rapid national deployment of injectable artesunate in the DRC.