An efficient integrative resampling method for gene-trait association analysis.

09 Dec 2019
Kim Y, Chi YY, Zou F


Genetic association studies are popular for identifying genetic variants, such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), that are associated with complex traits. Statistical tests are commonly performed one SNP at a time with an assumed mode of inheritance such as recessive, additive, or dominant genetic model. Such analysis can result in inadequate power when the employed model deviates from the underlying true genetic model. We propose an integrative association test procedure under a generalized linear model framework to flexibly model the data from the above three common genetic models and beyond. A computationally efficient resampling procedure is adopted to estimate the null distribution of the proposed test statistic. Simulation results show that our methods maintain the Type I error rate irrespective of the existence of confounding covariates and achieve adequate power compared to the methods with the true genetic model. The new methods are applied to two genetic studies on the resistance of severe malaria and sarcoidosis.