Prereferral rectal artesunate and referral completion among children with suspected severe malaria in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria and Uganda.

01 May 2022
Brunner NC, Omoluabi E, Awor P, Okitawutshu J, Tshefu Kitoto A, Signorell A, Akano B, Ayodeji K, Okon C, Yusuf O, Athieno P, Kimera J, Tumukunde G, Angiro I, Kalenga JC, Delvento G, Lee TT, Lambiris MJ, Ross A, Cereghetti N, Visser T, Napier HG, Buj V, Burri C, Lengeler C, Hetzel MW
Children who receive prereferral rectal artesunate (RAS) require urgent referral to a health facility where appropriate treatment for severe malaria can be provided. However, the rapid improvement of a child's condition after RAS administration may influence a caregiver's decision to follow this recommendation. Currently, the evidence on the effect of RAS on referral completion is limited.