Injectable Quinine Treatment

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Manufacturer Registration status Formulation
Renaudin Laboratoire Approved by a stringent regulatory authority

300 mg/ml (600 mg/2 ml or 30 %) (pack of 10 or 100)

Intravenous injection of quinine is recommended by the WHO as an alternative to injectable artesunate and injectable artemether for the treatment of severe malaria.

  • Rapid IV administration of quinine is dangerous and should therefore be administered as a slow, rate controlled infusion that does not exceed 5mg salt/kg bodyweight per hour.

Never give injectable quinine as an IV bolus injection as lethal hypotension may occur. 

Alternative pre-referral:

Intramuscular quinine is recommended when IV infusion is not possible.

  • Give IM quinine in the anterior thigh to avoid sciatic nerve injury
  • IM quinine should be split, with 10 mg/kg bw given into each thigh
  • Undiluted quinine injection is painful when given by IM, so it is therefore best to administer in a buffered formulation or diluted to 60-100 mg/mL. 

Injectable quinine dosing table (IV)

Intravenous quinine dosing table
Category Dose
Initial dose 20 mg salt/kg bodyweight
Maintenance dose 10 mg salt/kg bodyweight every 8 hours starting 8 hours after loading dose. After 48 hours, 10 mg salt/kg bodyweight every 12 hours. 

Intramuscular quinine dosing table
Category Dose
Initial dose 20 mg/kg bodyweight split into 10 mg/kg bodyweight in each anterior thigh (either in buffered formulation or diluted to 60-100 mg/mL)
Maintenance dose 10 mg/kg bodyweight (either in buffered formulation or diluted to 60-100 mg/mL)

*If pre-referral injection of quinine has been given to patients, the initial loading dose should be reduced.