Defining the next generation of severe malaria treatment: a target product profile

05 Jun 2024
Jane Achan, Aïssata Barry, Didier Leroy, George Kamara, Stephan Duparc, Wiweka Kaszubska, Preetam Gandhi, Bénédicte Buffet, Patrick Tshilab, Bernhards Ogutu, Terrie Taylor, Sanjeev Krishna, Naomi Richardson, Hanu Ramachandruni & Hans Rietveld

Severe malaria is a life-threatening infection, particularly affecting children under the age of 5 years in Africa. Current treatment with parenteral artemisinin derivatives is highly efficacious. However, artemisinin partial resistance is widespread in Southeast Asia, resulting in delayed parasite clearance after therapy, and has emerged independently in South America, Oceania, and Africa. Hence, new treatments for severe malaria are needed, and it is prudent to define their characteristics now. This manuscript focuses on the target product profile (TPP) for new treatments for severe malaria. It also highlights preparedness when considering ways of protecting the utility of artemisinin-based therapies.