Mozambique community case management

Agentes Polivalentes elementares (APE)

  • Serve as the first line of defense against malaria for people living in rural Mozambique
  • Work in rural areas between 8 km and 25 km from the nearest health facility
  • Link the community to the NHS as the first step in the referral system
  • Receive monthly compensation from partners
    • Government does not directly pay APEs, because of public service law limitations


  • Currently 2,724 APEs across the country
  • Average of 25 per district
  • One APE serves an average of 1,250 people
  • Target: 3,660 APEs
  • Objective: reach 20% of the population


Rectal artesunate (RAS)

  • Recommended as a pre-referral intervention for severe malaria at facility and community levels. Currently being rolled out in a phased approached.
  • First phase: RAS use limited to APEs


  • Ensuring equitable, quality and sustainable coverage
  • Defining how community initiatives fit within the NHS