Malawi health system


5 Zonal Offices that provide technical support to District Health Management Teams (DHMTs) in planning, delivery and monitoring of health service delivery at the district level and facilitate central hospitals’ supervision of districts

3 levels of care: Primary, secondary and tertiary

  • Primary care: village clinics in rural hard-to-reach areas and health centres where curative, maternity, and preventive services are offered in the Essential Health Package (EHP) free of charge
    • EHP covers malaria
  • Secondary care services: district hospitals

    • District hospitals and Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) hospitals provide general services, Primary Health Care (PHC) services, and technical supervision to lower units
    • District hospitals provide service training for health personnel
    • CHAM operates 36% (170) of health facilities (mostly rural)
    • Government pays for certain programme-specific essential medicines and all local staffing costs
  • Tertiary care services: central hospitals
    • Central hospitals that offer specialized services
    • There are approximately 679 public sector health facilities, 509 of which are administered by the GoM
    • The for-profit private health sector plays a minimal role in the provision of health services (4% of health services).