Commodities and Partners

Photo: Smiling boy Guinea


  • Projected number of severe cases in 2021: 57,299
  • Projected # of severe cases among children in 2021: 28,077
  • Projected # of severe cases among adults in 2021:  29,222
  • Number of severe cases expected to require a pre-referral intervention at community level 16,768

It is anticipated that, for 2021 Guinea will have a surplus of injectable artesunate vials and artesunate rectal capsules. [1]

Guinea’s facility-level stock-out rates for malaria commodities are low. Malaria commodities are readied in the central medical store’s (Pharmacie Centrale de Guinée-PCG’s) regional warehouses ahead of distributions; this process is based on an inventory control system that has alerts triggered by stock levels that are below or above determined thresholds. [1]


Key partners in the country include:

  • The Global Fund
  • USAID President’s Malaria Initiative
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • WHO