Post-malaria neurological syndrome: a rare neurological complication of malaria.

01 Apr 2019
Yadava SK, Laleker A, Fazili T


Post-malaria neurological syndrome (PMNS) is a rare self-limiting neurological complication that can occur after recovery from malaria, usually severe falciparum malaria. It is characterized by a myriad of neuropsychiatric manifestations including mild neurological deficit to severe encephalopathy. PMNS was first described in 1996 and since then there have been 48 cases reported in the English literature. We report another case of PMNS in a 24-year-old healthy male and present a review of the disease entity.


We searched PMNS-related journal articles and case reports in the English literature, using PubMed and Google search engines. A total of forty-nine cases meeting the diagnostic criteria of PMNS were selected in this review.


PMNS is a rare complication of severe malaria that might be underreported. It can develop up to 2 months after clearance of parasitemia. Clinical features can be variable. Most cases are self-limited, but more severe cases may benefit from steroid therapy.