Virtual Global Severe Malaria Stakeholder Meeting

8 - 9th February 2022

Building on Inj AS and RAS stakeholder meetings in 2011 respectively, and on the Severe Malaria Stakeholder Meeting held in 2019 in Abuja, (report), we propose a
second global stakeholder meeting on severe malaria case management to bring together a wide range of stakeholders in early February 2022. The last stakeholder meeting
held in October 2019 assembled countries that had commenced the process of rolling out RAS within their systems of severe malaria care.

The objective of that meeting was to share experiences from ongoing efforts to improve the continuum of severe malaria care from community (i.e., RAS) to referral facility
(i.e., Inj AS). This second stakeholder meeting, to be held in early February 2022, will serve as a platform to:

(1) share results and lessons learnt from operational research projects such as CARAMAL and other pilots, studies and implementation experiences since 2019 and
(2) disseminate new WHO guidance on the use of RAS. The key objective of this meeting is to inform the malaria community, specifically NMCPs, on the latest information/evidence on the use of RAS and to discuss implications these may have on operational guidance and scale up plans of RAS. 

The registration link is the following: