Rectal artesunate

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Manufacturer Registration status Formulation
Cipla Limited WHO prequalified

100 mg suppository (2 per pack) 

Strides Shasun Quality assured by Global Fund’s Expert Review Panel (ERP)

100mg formulation (2 per pack)

Rectal artesunate (artesunate suppository) is strongly recommended by the WHO for pre-referral intervention of children between 6 months and 6 years when they present with danger signs, when a complete course of severe malaria treatment is not available and when the patient cannot take oral medication. After the suppository is administered, children should be immediately referred to an appropriate facility for treatment, ideally for intravenous treatment with injectable artesunate followed by a full treatment course with an ACT.

Dosing table for rectal artesunate

Rectal artesunate dosing table
Category Dosage
Children between 6 months and 6 years 10 mg/kg bodyweight

WHO does not recommend rectal artesunate use in older children and adults