Injectable artemether

Please refer to the full prescribing information and/or patient information supplied by the relevant marketing authorization holder for your country, as well as local policies and treatment guidelines as they may vary from country to country.

Intramuscular injection of artemether is recommended by the WHO as an alternative treatment option when injectable artesunate is not available. Artemether is dissolved in oil and therefore may be absorbed more slowly and erratically than artesunate; thus, it is recommended only if injectable artesunate is not available. Injectable artemether should be given for at least 24 hours and until a patient can tolerate a full course of oral ACT therapy. Use of injectable artemether is recommended in preference over injectable quinine. 

Dosing table for injectable artemether

Dosing table of injectable artemether (IM)
Category Dose
Initial dose 3.2 mg/kg bodyweight 
Maintenance dose 1.6 mg/kg bodyweight daily