Uganda health system

Health services structure:

National Referral Hospitals

Regional Referral Hospitals

General hospitals

Health centres (HCs) IVs, IIIs, IIs, and Is


  • Health sub-district
  • Day-to-day management and technical oversight of the lower level health facilities
  • Leadership in the planning and management of health services including supervision and quality assurance
  • Provision of technical, logistical and capacity development support to the lower health units and communities including procurement and supply of drugs.


  • Provide basic preventive and curative care 
  • Provide supportive supervision to the community and HC IIs under their jurisdiction


  • Provide first level of interaction between the formal health sector and the communities
  • Provide outpatient care, community outreach services, and nurses provide comprehensive services and linkages with the Village Health Team (VHT)

    HC I

    • No physical structure but a team of people—VHTs—that link health facilities with the community
      • VHT networks facilitate health promotion, service delivery, and community participation in access and utilization of health services
    • 2015 assessment by MoH showed the VHT strategy has been implemented to varying degrees across the districts



      HC I

      • Capacity to coordinate, train, and supervise VHT activities at district level
      • Funding
      • High attrition among VHTs due to lack of tools, resources, motivation, and regular supervision
      • Coordination and supervision by the MoH