Tanzania community case management

  • The MoHSW is promoting Community Based Health Care (CBHC) using Village/Community Health Workers through Community Based Health Programme Guidelines
  • Use of pre-referral rectal artesunate at peripheral health facilities is permitted by the NMCP if injection is not available, but in common practice this does not occur as rectal artesunate is not procured by either the Government of Tanzania (GoT) or its partners.

  • Community-level resources for malaria:
    • Community own resource persons (CORPs)
    • Community Change Agents (CCAs)
    • Community leaders
    • School teachers


  • Capacity and reach of the community system

  • Coordination

  • Incomplete plan for national roll-out of iCCM leading to low health care access in rural areas
  • Knowledge of management of health services provision
  • Coverage of interventions due to low attention to mobilization and use of Ward level Health Agents and Community Based agents (CHWs and CORPS)