Mozambique case management

The National Health System (NHS) structure:

  1. Health centers and health posts offering preventive health care, outpatient care, and maternal and child health services;
  2. The first referral level, comprising rural, general and district hospitals;
  3. The second referral level, comprising provincial hospitals;
  4. Three central hospitals (north, central and south) and two specialist hospitals.


  • 66 secondary level health facilities across all 156 districts
    • Districts rely on health facilities in a neighboring district
  • Estimated that 65% of the population can access a health facility in less than 45 minutes on foot
  • 0.3 physicians and 3.4 nurses & midwives per 10,000 population



  • Shortage of health workers;
  • Cost of reaching health care services due to distances involved;
  • Quality of care offered to patients;
  • Availability of medicines and equipment;
  • Motivation of health workers; 
  • Waiting times

Geographic risk: 

  • Risk is higher in rural than urban areas
  • 68% of the population lives in rural areas
  • Accounts for 31% of deaths in rural areas vs 24% of deaths in urban areas