Burkina Faso integrated community case management

Community-based health (CBH) services are implemented through an integrated, fast impact package of community-level interventions

  • Implemented by community-based health workers (CBHW) (supervised by health workers) 

  • 204 community-based healthcare service locations (funded by the Global Fund) working to prevent malaria and support the implementation of home-based care

2014: adopted a policy and strategic plan for community health

  • Integrated all interventions implemented by CBHWs at community level

  • "community-based health workers' booklet" outlines profile, financial motivation, minimum package of activities and equipment 

CHW position will include a monthly stipend (CFA 20,000 or $34), job description, and hiring criteria.

The Global Fund is supporting the MoH with the recent recruitment of 17,000 new CHWs (two per village) through the Global Fund’s health system strengthening grant.

  • Support includes an integrated training package: prevention, diagnosis, and the treatment of malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea


  • Quality of service and ability to leverage interventions

    • Organization, coordination, motivation of CBHWs

    • Technical capabilities

    • Financial management


  • 14,578 CBHWs (2 CBHWs per village) will be identified, trained, supervised and motivated to implement iCCM package in 7,289 villages

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and UNICEF started iCCM project in 2010 in 2 regions

    • Experience of the integrated management will be extended to 9 districts, with 3,352 CBHWs in 1,676 villages

    • Villages located at more than 5km (5,613 villages) will be covered by 11,226 CBHWs who will implement the management of malaria and diarrhoea

  • NMCP plans to introduce the use of pre-referral rectal artesunate by CHWs in 2018.
    • To ensure an adequate stock, each CHW providing malaria care will be provided five rectal artesunate suppositories
    • Distribution and storage will be done by national medical stores (CAMEG)